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Re: Worst Browser Ever, but could be the best.

On 11/5/17 5:51 AM, calmar71@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
You guys need to do some SERIOUS work on Firefox.

Its SHIT!!

I've never come across ANY browser as slow as this. I get CONSTANT "not responding" messages. I cant even scroll the length of a webpage without it freezing. Hell, I can even post to Facebook half the time. Its always 3 sentences behind, and forgotten half of whats typed by the time it tries to catch up.

It's using FAR TOO MUCH resources. The load on people's computers MUST be reduced, and quickly.

Until then, sorry guys, but its off all 4 of my computers. I do a lot of web development, and cant afford the time wasted waiting on this browser to actually work as it should. Its utter garbage as it is.

Back to Chrome for me. At least it works when you ask it to.

Thanks for the rant.

There aren't any of the you guys you are directing it to here. Firefox developers don't read this newsgroup.

No load on either of my computers using a release, beta or nightly versions.

You may be interested in reading the developer discussion about web site memory leaks, due to poor development by web developers.


Maybe fix your sites so they don't leak.

Also be aware of browser-mining of crypto-currency that also uses resources.

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