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Re: Color 1E

On 3-11-2017 3:52, Good Guy wrote:

  From time to time you may want to work in command prompt but the
default background is so bad that you can strain your eyes especially if
you are at an advanced age!!!  However, there is a very simple solution
which nobody seems to know or if they know it they have forgotten!.  The
technique was first implemented in the bad old days of DOS - at least
that is what I am told by some people.

OK so in Windows 10 and I assume it also works in prior versions, you
need to go to the command prompt (type/run cmd or right-click open cmd
prompt - whatever) then just type something like this:

color 1e

You get something like this:

https://i.imgur.com/C53ztAW.png <https://i.imgur.com/C53ztAW.png>

First number is the Background and second number is foreground.  The
picture gives you all the available options/color codes.

Good luck and pass this message to your good friends.

XP PRO: yep.

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