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Re: Color 1E

On 11/03/2017 04:22 AM, Ray_Net wrote:
Hartmut Figge wrote on 03-11-17 04:28:
Good Guy:
On 03/11/2017 03:08, Hartmut Figge wrote:
What is the default for the command window?
It's very dull.  See this picture:

https://i.imgur.com/XutDgm2.png <https://i.imgur.com/XutDgm2.png>
That's indeed bad. My solution to this would be setting the text color
to white instead of gray.

To set the default Command Prompt window color, click the upper-left corner of the command prompt window, click *Defaults*, click the *Colors* tab, and then click the colors that you want to use for the *Screen Text* and *Screen Background*.

Oops, sorry didn't see your response (reading down the page and stopped too soon). I responded the same.

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