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Re: Multi-account containers extension

On Mon, 30 Oct 2017 13:09:11 -0500, in mozilla.general, Hartdonor wrote: 

>On Mon, 30 Oct 2017 12:50:30 -0500, in mozilla.general, Hartdonor wrote: 
>>I was part of the test-pilot program for "Containers," which has now been
>>released as an official extension called "Multi-account Containers." It
>>was intriguing, but I felt a lot was missing.
>>I can't figure out what this adds to Firefox, other than yet another "tab
>>groups" extension. "Tab Groups" seems superior in fact. Why did Mozilla
>>feel they needed their own version of it?
>>Its name implies that I should be able to use multiple accounts with
>>groups. It certainly doesn't allow me to open multiple profiles in the
>>same window, or always open windows of a certain group in private mode.
>>In fact, it appears to be disabled in private mode. What does
>>"Multi-account" mean in the title of the extension.
>>It's also missing what I would call basic functionality. Such as being
>>able to right click on a link or bookmark and tell Firefox to "Open link
>>in a container..." This means that it (still) has the awkward workflow of
>>requiring you to open a blank container tab, click the link, and then
>>choose "Always open in [tab]" in the Containers menu (if you want to
>>always get there by clicking on the link). It seems like you should be
>>able to right-click on a link and choose "Always open in [container]"
>>from there. Instead, there's three steps. I can't remember if I was
>>allowed a comment in the test-pilot program, but if I did, I'm sure I
>>included this suggestion.
>>Is anybody using this extension and, if so, what on earth for? What is
>>"Multi-account Containers" trying to add to my Firefox experience? Why is
>>it called "Multi-account" now? Is it just color-coded tab groups, or
>>something more?
>>I am somewhat baffled by what this extension is trying to do, and want to
>>make sure I'm not missing something obvious and powerful that is unique
>>to the extension.
>>Anyone care to discuss?
>I just tried turning it off and on for multiple banking accounts, and it
>appears it does something to cookie storage? Upon turning it off, I had
>to reestablish my credentials with the bank in each account.
>I don't see anything added to cookie management in the "options" tab with
>this extension enabled. Is there a way to see which cookies are
>associated with which tab?

Okay, so I found the part in the cookie manager that identifies
"Container:" as a field.

In fact, I uninstalled the extension and that field is still there. Looks
like it permanently modifies your cookies database.

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