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Re: Multi-account containers extension

On Mon, 30 Oct 2017 14:05:57 -0400, in mozilla.general, WaltS48 wrote: 

>On 10/30/17 1:50 PM, Hartdonor wrote:
>> I was part of the test-pilot program for "Containers," which has now been
>> released as an official extension called "Multi-account Containers." It
>> was intriguing, but I felt a lot was missing.
>> I can't figure out what this adds to Firefox, other than yet another "tab
>> groups" extension. "Tab Groups" seems superior in fact. Why did Mozilla
>> feel they needed their own version of it?
>> Its name implies that I should be able to use multiple accounts with
>> groups. It certainly doesn't allow me to open multiple profiles in the
>> same window, or always open windows of a certain group in private mode.
>> In fact, it appears to be disabled in private mode. What does
>> "Multi-account" mean in the title of the extension.
>> It's also missing what I would call basic functionality. Such as being
>> able to right click on a link or bookmark and tell Firefox to "Open link
>> in a container..." This means that it (still) has the awkward workflow of
>> requiring you to open a blank container tab, click the link, and then
>> choose "Always open in [tab]" in the Containers menu (if you want to
>> always get there by clicking on the link). It seems like you should be
>> able to right-click on a link and choose "Always open in [container]"
>> from there. Instead, there's three steps. I can't remember if I was
>> allowed a comment in the test-pilot program, but if I did, I'm sure I
>> included this suggestion.
>> Is anybody using this extension and, if so, what on earth for? What is
>> "Multi-account Containers" trying to add to my Firefox experience? Why is
>> it called "Multi-account" now? Is it just color-coded tab groups, or
>> something more?
>> I am somewhat baffled by what this extension is trying to do, and want to
>> make sure I'm not missing something obvious and powerful that is unique
>> to the extension.
>> Anyone care to discuss?
>Clicking the More link when you select the extension in the Add-ons 
>Manager doesn't help explain it?
>I open some bookmarks in Banking, Personal and Shopping container tabs.
>I guess there weren't enough Test Pilot users to warrant making it a 
>feature like Screenshots.

I had to experiment with it to see what it did first. I wasn't sure what
"separating" online life meant, or why and how it would modify cookies.
Now, after messing with it, I can see that all it really tries to do is
make sure your personal web interactions can't see the cookies for your
bank, for instance.

That appears to be all it does. Change cookie security so that, say,
Twitter can't see the cookies for your bank.

I'm frustrated, because this seems like a solution in search of a
problem. How is having the cookies all in one place an issue?

And I'm a little concerned that the "Container:" field remains in my
cookies manager after uninstalling it. Playing around with it appears to
have permanently modified my Firefox.

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