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Re: A020 in received message (Was: Re: Restart Button)

Frosted Flake wrote:
I just tried it.  It appears that SeaMonkey changes the first blank to
the A0 character when I copy and paste it from YOUR message but NOT when
I copy and paste from a message in Compose.

I'll do some additional investigating to see whether the A0 appears in
other circumstances.

I'm not sure how to set follow-up to mozilla.general where this should
probably go.  I set it in the address field of this post

OK here is what I found thus far:

Example text: (tried it.  It appears)

Copying from the reply, this reply, the blanks are 2020

Copy from the quoted message above, the blanks are 2020

Copy from the original message, not the above, the blanks are A020

Copy from view source of the original message, the blanks are 2020

I'm at a loss for what is causing this.

Original message has View Message Body As Original HTML

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