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Re: Virtual Machine question

On 10/25/2017 08:38 AM, Daniel wrote:
On 25/10/2017 9:53 AM, David B. wrote:
Might it be possible for someone to have set up a VM on my iMac without
my knowledge? If so, how could I check? (I do have a reason for asking).

David, I've never, knowingly, used a VM, so have no idea about your first question but, would it be possible for you to monitor how much work each of your CPU cores (assuming iMac's have multiple cores!!) is doing over time.

If you can, and you notice heaps of activity when you are doing nothing, that might give you a good indication!!

A VM (as I've used them in Linux and Windows) are nothing more than a program like notepad or Firefox etc. You open them and run them. When running they do stuff, but if not, then nothing is happening.

And the nice this about a Virtual Machine is that it's all within it's little world. If you format the drive, you just ruin the VM, not the main computer.

I doubt someone set it up, but don't you have some way of listing software loaded in Macs?
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