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Re: Looking for Seamonkey 64-bit

On 10/24/17 8:18 PM, Saul wrote:
WaltS48 wrote:
On 10/22/17 10:52 PM, Saul wrote:
M64.info has some but outdate and in the last 4 months only 3 crappy
alphas, can't find them anywhere else, if you give me instructions how
to compile 1, I'll appreciate it too

I see you didn't ask the same question in m.s.seamonkey.

These might be helpful.

You need a system that meets the prerequisites for building Firefox.


Then the instructions for building SeaMonkey


Have fun!

news://news.mozilla.org:119/_bSdnQPQaLz-03HEnZ2dnUU7-aXNnZ2d@xxxxxxxxxxx I actually did about the 64-bit version, and found a few threada about building a Seamonkey build, you're assuming out of ignorance dude, that you don't see it doesn't mean I didn't, but thanks anyway for your input

Nope I don't see you asking for build instructions in




(and I wonder why I didn't see the posts from Jens, Callek and Neil in the newsgroup in my Thunderbird.) Ah, because they are 7 year old posts that you responded to.

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