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Re: Electrolysis

WaltS48 wrote on 10/19/2017 1:47 PM:
On 10/19/17 3:22 PM, Jeff Barnett wrote:
I subscribed to mozilla.dev.tech.electrolysis on news.mozilla.org. I've seen no old or new messages in that group. Is there another source/group that might discuss the multiprocessing aspects of FF? I have some questions and was hoping for a place to "lurk" and see what information I might pick up. TIA

I just subscribed to test the group and got 165 messages. The last one is dated 4/22/16, but when I go back all the messages are deleted because of my retention settings.

You could review the IRC logs here <https://mozilla.logbot.info/e10s/20171019> and or join the channel on Mozilla IRC.

Review meeting notes here <https://wiki.mozilla.org/Electrolysis/Meetings> Last one was in 2016.

Review status reports here <https://wiki.mozilla.org/Electrolysis#Weekly_Status_Reports> Some from 2017 there.

Read the MDN articles <https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/Firefox/Multiprocess_Firefox>

Search Discourse for e10s and Electrolysis. <https://discourse.mozilla.org/>

Or ask questions here. Some of us may be able to answer them, or not.

Thank you for the offer, it's appreciated. First some information about my setup: Win 7 Pro SP1 64-bit; Intel 6 core processor with hyper-threading enabled; FF 56.0.1 64 bit.

1. In Options-General, what does "Content process limit" actually mean? For example, mine is set to 4 but I see as many as 7 FF processes in the Window's task manager.

2. If "process" actually means "processor" above, are we counting CPU cores or hyper-thread cores? In other words could my spec of 4 mean 4 cores and, thus, 8 hyper-thread cores? Or are we actually talking of processes according to windows that might or might not run on different pieces of hardware? (I'm making up the term "hyper-thread core" but don't know what to use instead.)

3. What type of synchronization primitives provide critical sections to access shared structures such as the cache or book marks?

4. What disciplines are used to avoid deadly embrace, e.g., strict semaphore locking order when a process/thread must hold more than one?

5. In Mozilla terminology are threads something different than processes viz a viz your semantic execution model? If, so what is/are the differences?

Any insight would be most appreciated. By the way, I'm asking out of simple curiosity there is no urgency for this information.
Jeff Barnett
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