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Re: Intent to ship: A new front-end for addons.mozilla.org (AMO)

On 10/12/2017 5:59 PM, B00ze wrote:
Good day.

So there is a new AMO, again...

Last time was a small disaster for a few weeks while Mozilla fixed the
problems. Ended-up with something quite nice, albeit with tiny tiny
version numbers (at least they are there). This new AMO is quite
different, but it's OK. The version number is no longer next to the
extension name, but it can be found quite easily in a box on the left
below the addOn name.

HOWEVER, the site no longer specifies if an extension is supported on
your version of the browser or not, and I find this rather annoying. The
"slide to install" thingy is also pretty lame; a button does just fine,
no need to jump on the stupid "slide everything" trend. Maybe this is
just because I used the Mobile version of the site for testing?

There's also a small bug, at least in my Firefox - I can see the number
1056 on the left edge of the page, next to "Rate your experience" on
every addOn page. No idea where this comes from, haven't tried disabling
various things to see if it will disappear...

Well, that's it; have a look, it ain't bad - Good job Mozilla. AMO is,
as always, INFINITELY better than that garbage Google calls the Chrome
Store (what a horror).


On 2017-10-12 15:38, Stuart Colville <scolville@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

The AMO engineering team have been working on a new frontend for the
main user-facing parts of AMO for some time and on November the 2nd we
will release it to replace the current Django-based frontend.

We have some final improvements to make as we head towards the launch
but you can see the current progress on our public development server
<https://addons-dev.allizom.org/> (by default unless you opt out with
the "mamo" cookie set to "off") or in production
<https://addons.mozilla.org/> today if you click the soon to be
redundant "View mobile site" link in the footer.

What started out as the mobile experience has now become a fully fledged
responsive website built as a universal, server-side rendered React App
making extensive use of a comprehensive set of APIs

In a lot of ways we see this as the start of a lot of interesting
possibilities on AMO, for example, we are going from having no tests for
client-side code to a code-base that has 95%+ code coverage. This aspect
alone will make it a lot easier to make future changes.

If you discover any bugs in trying things out, please file issues over
on github. <https://github.com/mozilla/addons-frontend/issues/new>


How do I get the old front end back? I'm using Fx 52.4 ESR and have no need for an extremely UGLY and BUGGY website for Fx 57. At least, Pale Moon 26.5 and SeaMonkey 2.48 go to the appropriate version of Mozilla Addons site. Why doesn't Fx 52.4 ESR?
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