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Re: Refresh - big failure

On 10/11/2017 4:59 PM On a whim, Sogn Mill-Scout pounded out on the keyboard

At 08:52 AM, 10/11/2017, Wednesday, WaltS48 wrote:
On 10/11/17 5:24 AM, Sogn Mill-Scout wrote:
In an effort to deal with the persistent problem of FF running up the
memory to near 100% at which point it stops responding, I tried the
REFRESH process. Not only did it not solve that problem, but now
there is the unprecedented situation of FF running not only as an
app, as it should, but also as a series of background processes. At
one point there were SIX background processes. I've never seen FF run
that way. The memory, as usual, kept climbing well into the 90s. When
I end the background processes it crashes some tabs. Crashed tabs (as
opposed to the while program crashing) is another thing I haven't
experienced. Meanwhile FF has reached its non-responsive state of
paralysis a few more times.
I would scrap this program if I had any confidence that another
browser would work better, and that I could import my billions of
I'm running FF 56 on Windows 10 but this problem dates back through
previous versions.

What do the crash signatures report? You do submit them to Mozilla
don't you?

Here is an example from my Firefox Beta 57.0b7.


If you can go to about:support, open it in your browser and review it,
or copy and paste a Report ID in a reply.

Mine shows a bug report has been filed for my crashing problem.

I don't think I'm getting crash reports because, technically, it isn't
crashing, i.e. it's not terminating on its own. It just stops responding
and the little blue circle in lieu of a cursor goes on spinning
indefinitely. Sometimes I give it several minutes but it remains
non-responsive, so I go to Task Manager and end the process, terminating
FF that way. When I restart it it usually gives me that "This is
embarrassing" page showing my previously opened windows/tabs in a list,
and I can choose to restart all or some of them. I don't see anything
about a crash report in those instances, and that's all I'm afflicted
with. Once in a great while it crashes and then there is a crash report
I submit to Mozilla.



The symptoms you're reporting are what dozens of others are experiencing also. I can only guess that those who write in to the Mozilla webmaster email are a miniscule portion of the user base that could be experiencing similar issues with this update.

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