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Re: Refresh - big failure

On 10/11/2017 02:24 AM, Sogn Mill-Scout wrote:
In an effort to deal with the persistent problem of FF running up the memory to near 100% at which point it stops responding, I tried the REFRESH process. Not only did it not solve that problem, but now there is the unprecedented situation of FF running not only as an app, as it should, but also as a series of background processes. At one point there were SIX background processes. I've never seen FF run that way. The memory, as usual, kept climbing well into the 90s. When I end the background processes it crashes some tabs. Crashed tabs (as opposed to the while program crashing) is another thing I haven't experienced. Meanwhile FF has reached its non-responsive state of paralysis a few more times.

I would scrap this program if I had any confidence that another browser would work better, and that I could import my billions of bookmarks.

I'm running FF 56 on Windows 10 but this problem dates back through previous versions.



Try that "Minimize memory usage" button at about:memory
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