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Re: Users not pleased with latest release

On 10/10/17 2:49 PM, Terry wrote:
I usually receive about a dozen email to Mozilla webmaster a week, but since the latest release, that's more than tripled.  They are pretty upset.  Lots of crashing, not loading at all, web pages don't work, and on and on...


Maybe more Beta testers are needed.

I'd have to check, but probably don't have crash reports for 56 because I recently did a reinstall of my OS and apps due to a HD problem, but ISTR 56.0 being stable in Nightly and Beta versions.

57.0b6 and b7 are crashing for me on shutdown, but my default Nightly 58.0a1 is stable so far.

I do have a one crash report for 56.0 from the day I had the problem with the HD and before the reinstall!


Profile backups are handy to have around.

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