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Re: A troll among us

On Mon, 9 Oct 2017 18:28:43 -0700, Agaric wrote:

> Some may want to take a second look at where their reply

You mean follow-up; reply = e-mail.

> is headed 
> before hitting *Send*

Agent warns me about this when I hit send.

> A certain guy here likes to reply to messages with adolescent remarks, 
> and set a Followup header to another group. At least one other poster 
> here was recently lured in and made to look dimwitted by the deceit.

GG has been in my global (kill)filter for a while. It wasn't that long
ago that he used a signature where he basically told posters to go f*ck
themselves if they didn't like his HTML postings. He considers it to be
God's gift to humanity.

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