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Re: Read All About It! Firefox Quantum is coming!

In article <9oidnTMo5NaaMlPEnZ2dnUU7-XGdnZ2d@xxxxxxxxxxx>, bashley101
+moz@xxxxxxxxx says...
> Does 'Quantum' = 'FF57'?

Quantum is a collection of the Mozilla projects to make Firefox faster, 
some of the code landing in 57, but there will be additional parts of 
Quantum landing in later versions.


The first major part of Quantum landing is Quantum CSS, a.k.a., Stylo. 
But other performance improvements are also landing in 57.

I think the Marketing side of Mozilla decided to use Quantum as an 
advertising point. (Not to be confused with "quantum dots".) We will 
probably be seeing "Quantum" plastered on the screens for a few releases 
until Marketing gets tired of it. :)
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