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Re: Read All About It! Firefox Quantum is coming!

On 9/29/17 10:50 AM, Mr. Ed wrote:
On 9/29/17 8:24 AM, Luis wrote:
Mark12547 wrote:
In article <CuadnU8Qlp_x4FDEnZ2dnUU7-YGdnZ2d@xxxxxxxxxxx>,
nospam@xxxxxxxxxxx says...
This will be the real one when it launches November 14, 2017.

There will always be bugs. ?

Bugs and no extensions :(

I am doing well with these "no extensions":

* uBlock Origin
* IPvFoo
* Hostname in title
* Google(tm) Translator
* Bookmarks Organizer
* Country Flag +
* small-clock
* Tab Center Redux

All of these are WebExtensions and installed in Nightly 58.

Of all of these, the one I consider absolutely essential is some sort of
ad blocker, and I am currently using uBlock Origin for that, though for
those who prefer AdBlock Plus, there is a WebExtensions version of that
available in the AMO Beta channel

Let us know when the following are available:

Screenshot editor
Print editor
Passwords editor
Passwords exporter
Exif viewer
Javascript on/off
Enhancer for YouTube


Yes, extensions that are actually worth having. 💪

Have you tried searching or just jumping on the bandwagon.

See my reply to Luis.

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