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Re: Problem with images in FaceBook

On 29/09/2017 4:17 PM, Ron Hunter wrote:
On 9/28/2017 2:36 PM, Mr. Ed wrote:
On 9/28/17 3:31 PM, The Real Bev wrote:
On 09/28/2017 08:23 AM, Big Al wrote:
On 09/28/2017 10:47 AM, Mr. Ed wrote:
On 9/28/17 6:38 AM, Mr. Ed wrote:
On 9/27/17 8:39 PM, Mr. Ed wrote:
Yesterday for some strange reason (I probably hit a key at a time
I shouldn't
have) I started having problems with images in the
sections.  Some show and others don't.  In the friends and ad
block no images
show.  In the postings some do and some don't.

Any how, using a clean profile it works as expected.  I checked
all my
in 'preferences' they look good.  I deleted all references to
http and
https/facebook.com in data manager.  Deleted all the cache files,

I have nothing in the user.js file except for the 'e-mail' reply

Anyone run across a similar problem?  If so, where-in did I go

Sorry, I should have said what program I was using with Win10:

User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64; rv:54.0)
Gecko/20100101 SeaMonkey/2.51

Problem solved - somehow I got to block images from one site.  Big
fingers I

Don't you just love it when you spill your guts after 2 days of
troubleshooting only to have the solution pop up 10 minutes after you
hit the "send" button.  :-)

This is linked to the phenomenon of seeing your typo just as you hit
Our gods hate us.

Well, guess at 84½ years old I'm allowed one mistake.  Perhaps
dementia settling
in, but dang it I hate it when the solution is ALWAYS the last place
you look.
Why can't it be in the first place at least once?

Even it if were the first place, it would still be the last place.
Unless of course you are one of those really obsessive people who
continues to look for a solution, even though you have already FOUND
one.  Grin.
At least we can add this to the list of 'things to check before asking
for help.'

Beat me by that much (45mins'ish)!! After reading Mr Ed's post, I was going to post something like "If you found what you were looking for, why would anyone keep looking??"!!


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