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Re: Filters

On 9/26/2017 12:28 PM, Hartmut Figge wrote:
> WaltS48:
>> No, I found mozilla.support.seamonkey.dat in my 2.48 profile.
>> So, how did you copy the filters? Edit all the folder .dat files?
> name_of_group.dat contains the filter rules for that group. So, if you
> want to copy the rules from group1 to group2 you have to copy
> name_of_group1.dat to name_of_group2.dat.
> But caution, name_of_group2.dat may already contain filters which would
> not survive a copy. Better edit name_of_group2.dat by C&P the relevant
> part of name_of_group1.dat.
> If you wish that the filters of name_of_group1.dat should apply to all
> groups of the news server, copy name_of_group1.dat to
> msgFilterRules.dat. Remember what I wrote above about C&P.
> And as always when manipulating files, you surely have made a backup in
> case you messed things up. :)
> Hartmut

I am quite sure SeaMonkey and Thunderbird use the same components for
handling filters.

In Thunderbird, each account-type has a folder within the profile.  (I
have only one profile for Thunderbird and five for browsing with
SeaMonkey.)  For example, I have folders named "Mail" and "News".
Within each of those folders, there are folders for each account.  (RSS
feeds have a folder named "Feeds" in the Mail folder.)

I have three different newsgroup accounts.  Their folders within News
are named according to their servers: "news.albasani.net",
"news.eternal-september.org", and "news.mozilla.org".  Within each of
those account folders, there are files for filters, all of which have
the extension ".dat".  Filters applying to only one newsgroup are in a
file named for that newsgroup (e.g., "alt.windows7.general.dat" for
filters on the alt.windows7.general newsgroup).  Filters applying to the
entire account are in the file "msgFilterRules.dat".

Yes, you can copy a filter file from one account to another.  You should
terminate all instances of SeaMonkey (or Thunderbird) before doing that.

David E. Ross

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