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Re: Filters


>No, I found mozilla.support.seamonkey.dat in my 2.48 profile.
>So, how did you copy the filters? Edit all the folder .dat files?

name_of_group.dat contains the filter rules for that group. So, if you
want to copy the rules from group1 to group2 you have to copy
name_of_group1.dat to name_of_group2.dat.

But caution, name_of_group2.dat may already contain filters which would
not survive a copy. Better edit name_of_group2.dat by C&P the relevant
part of name_of_group1.dat.

If you wish that the filters of name_of_group1.dat should apply to all
groups of the news server, copy name_of_group1.dat to
msgFilterRules.dat. Remember what I wrote above about C&P.

And as always when manipulating files, you surely have made a backup in
case you messed things up. :)

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