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NEVER MIND :-( Re: REALLY OT -- LibreOffice Question

On 09/26/2017 09:02 AM, Mike Easter wrote:
Mike Easter wrote:
lo calc

Also, I can control the delimiter for the saveas text csv function;
after selecting that format another grayed out function in the save
window is enabled 'edit filter settings' (lower L window area above save
with password) which if checked provides an export text file function
with menu options for char set, field delimiter (5 options including
space and tab), and 2 options for text delimiter and 4 more options
including on/off fixed column width.

The problem is saving it as a spreadsheet -- with the formatting, added formulas, etc. included.


<time passes>

I went back and did "save as" just now -- various format choices (ods, txt, etc.) presented themselves. No idea what the problem was last night. I would like to think that I can attribute my ineptitude yesterday to 12 hours of unremitting stress, but there's probably a less-flattering explanation :-(

But dammit, I've done this before...

Cheers, Bev
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