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Re: REALLY OT -- LibreOffice Question

On 09/26/2017 04:32 AM, Rinaldi wrote:
Daniel decreed, Read These Runes!:
On 26/09/2017 12:59 PM, The Real Bev wrote:
I want to import a space-delimited (or comma-delimited, I'm easy) text
file into a calc spreadsheet, manipulate the data in various ways, and
save it as a spreadsheet.  The damn thing refuses -- it just saves the
altered data in a new space-delimited text file -- and refuses to change
the filename.  Trying to open it again results in very nearly the same
as it was originally -- default column widths, fonts, number formats,
etc.  Maddening.

Google is no help -- I'm apparently the only person on earth who ever
wanted to do this.

Bev, when you save the data, do you try saving it under another file name??

Change file extension to csv and open with libreoffice.  It should ask
you to define the delimiters.

It did that fine. The problem is saving it as a spreadsheet rather than just a text file. I wish at the very least I'd printed the damn thing when I had it. Each use is a new learning experience :-(

Cheers, Bev
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