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Re: REALLY OT -- LibreOffice Question

The Real Bev wrote:
I want to import a space-delimited (or comma-delimited, I'm easy) text file into a calc spreadsheet, manipulate the data in various ways, and save it as a spreadsheet. The damn thing refuses -- it just saves the altered data in a new space-delimited text file -- and refuses to change the filename. Trying to open it again results in very nearly the same as it was originally -- default column widths, fonts, number formats, etc. Maddening.

I don't have any experience with this, but I briefly surveyed ask.libreoffice.org and helponline.loorg and thought it might be in the export function instead of saveas.

I didn't have a test example, but I opened a lo calc (in Deb 9.1 live) and checked its saveas function which seemed to have a variety of choices including .csv. Export, notsomuch.

Which LO v. are you having trouble with?

Mike Easter
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