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Re: Ad blocker roundup

On 25/09/17 18:09, EE wrote:
Jeff Layman wrote:
On 24/09/17 20:33, EE wrote:
T wrote:
On 09/23/2017 12:05 AM, Jeff Layman wrote:
If ads are the thing you really can't stand, you might want to
consider a completely different browser:

You could always try it alongside FF and do a comparison with the most
"ad-annoying" sites you frequent.

It is a sweet browser.  Fast too.  But it is missing so
may feature you have on Firefox, that it will only be
my emergency browser.   It works a lot better that Chromium

The one time I tried Brave, it had no provision for bookmarks.  I need
bookmarks, so it was pretty useless for me.

It has bookmark. Was it perhaps the problem reported here?:

At the time I tried it on a mobile device, I saw no place to put any

Not sure what version you were using, but for the current version it is simple.

Just type the URL in the address bar. When the page opens, touch the open (white) star at the end of the URL. It will change to a solid blue colour and a message will appear at the bottom of the page confirming that URL has been bookmarked.

At the extreme top right are three vertical dots, which open various functions. One of them is for bookmarks. Just touch "Bookmarks" and then touch the one you want to open.


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