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Re: Ad blocker roundup

On 9/23/17 7:05 PM, Frank wrote:
On 9/23/2017 3:14 PM, Poutnik wrote:
Dne 23/09/2017 v 20:56 The Real Bev napsal(a):
On 09/23/2017 12:56 AM, Poutnik wrote:

I do not like ads either.

But I wonder if people hating to see any ads ever
consider that nothing free is free.

I can guarantee that I will never buy anything I see from an ad on a
website that I didn't deliberately seek out.  I subscribe to certain
store ads (Best Buy, Fry's, JoAnne's, Michael's) because I buy stuff
from them only when it's on sale.

It was not about buying....

If I see involuntary ads my response is invariably negative, along with
a little shot of annoyance which borders on some kind of psychological
pain.  Do the generators of the ads consider that my pain is a proper
price to pay for viewing their ad-supported content, or would they
rather that I remained neutral regarding their products?

Overconsuming of free content makes harm to a human mind.

I subscribe to local paper and that includes internet access.
Yet, I cannot view on line unless I turn off ad block.  I complained to Gannet who owns the paper and they said that ads are part of the price I have to pay.

I don't subscribe to the local paper, and got a limited amount of free articles. I would instruct Firefox to forget the site and get free articles again. It was tedious, but worked.

Then they put up a paywall which I blocked using the Privacy Badger extension. Now all articles are free.

I just tested this in a test profile allowing ads and the paper loads just fine. After reading 3 articles I got this message.

Register FREE for continued access.

Registration includes 15 articles per month

or I could login with Facebook.

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