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Re: Ad blocker roundup

On 09/23/2017 12:56 AM, Poutnik wrote:
Dne 23/09/2017 v 08:49 T napsal(a):

I am after zero ads.  So, I would want to stick with an adblocker
that states that.

I really, really dislike ads.

Sometimes a site will not let me in because I am blocking
their ads.  I go elsewhere and so far have never been

I wonder if they have a metric that tell them how many folks
just left their site instead of disabling their ad blocker?

p.s I love NetFlix.  No ads (commercials)!

I do not like ads either.

But I wonder if people hating to see any ads ever
consider that nothing free is free.

I can guarantee that I will never buy anything I see from an ad on a website that I didn't deliberately seek out. I subscribe to certain store ads (Best Buy, Fry's, JoAnne's, Michael's) because I buy stuff from them only when it's on sale.

If I see involuntary ads my response is invariably negative, along with a little shot of annoyance which borders on some kind of psychological pain. Do the generators of the ads consider that my pain is a proper price to pay for viewing their ad-supported content, or would they rather that I remained neutral regarding their products?

Seeing at least some ads
is just small paying pack e.g. for personal projects
as only few people make donations.

Sort of like saying Hail Marys to pay for sins. Well, maybe not. I can see some value in penance that has nothing to do with being forgiven. Never mind.

Cheers, Bev
   "Not everyone can be above average so why
    shouldn't we be the ones to suck?"
             --Anonymous School Board Member
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