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Re: So, I just updated to Fx 55.0 and ...

Jeff Layman wrote:
> Sailfish wrote:
>> ... found out that 15 of my 16 enabled add-ons have been marked as
>> "Legacy" destined to be killed-off with Fx57+
>> Le sigh, looks like I'll be sticking with a back release, assuming
>> Mozilla doesn't prevent their use.
> +1. I'll be staying with 54.0, as it annoys me every time I see
> "Legacy" when I look at add-ons.

I'm staying with the latest esr version, until that too starts
misbehaving wrt extensions.

> Palemoon, Waterfox, or maybe a complete change to something like
> Brave might be called for before too long.

Palemoon doesn't support Ghostery.
Brave doesn't support any extensions and has a rookie's
installation procedure.


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