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Re: Ad blocker roundup

On 09/22/2017 10:12 PM, Poutnik wrote:
Dne 23/09/2017 v 00:27 T napsal(a):
On 09/22/2017 01:33 PM, Christian Riechers wrote:

I don't know how they can compare adblockers without mentioning ABP.

I heard somewhere -- meaning hear say -- that ABP could be
bribed by advertisers to white list their crap.

It is probably - not necessarily - about their opt-out policy
that allows by default to pass through some not intrusive
and non aggressive advertisement, tested by some criteria.
Users are adviced to report ads that violate these criteria.

This way the ADP author decided to help with money
for project websites that rely on ad income
to cover expenses or effort.

As this pisses up some people,
there are ABP variants that removed this opt-out feature.

All that does not exclude the bribe possibility,
but both cases can easily be confused.

I am after zero ads.  So, I would want to stick with an adblocker
that states that.

I really, really dislike ads.

Sometimes a site will not let me in because I am blocking
their ads.  I go elsewhere and so far have never been

I wonder if they have a metric that tell them how many folks
just left their site instead of disabling their ad blocker?

p.s I love NetFlix.  No ads (commercials)!
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