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Re: Best HTML/CSS editor ever

On 9/19/2017 6:57 PM On a whim, T pounded out on the keyboard

On 09/19/2017 05:46 PM, Terry wrote:
I admin a lot of Mac users also, and OSX is no more "stable" than Windows.

In my "mixed" environments, I find windows workstations need about five
times the attention as OSX.  I kind of depends on what they are doing.

And, indeed, OSX has only a fraction of Windows business
apps available to it, so on is obviously getting more work
that the other.

The main difference I notice working with Linux, OSX and Windows
it that on Linux and OSX, I am working on the apps and training.
With Windows, I primarily work on system issues.  And Linux
and OSX do not require a nightly reboot to keep them stable.
I find more memory leaks in OSX apps than I do Linux, but no
where near the issues I see with Windows.

When I approach a messed up Windows workstation, on of
the first question I ask the users is "When was the last
time you rebooted?"  This is a real issue with Windows
Nein (10), as "Fast Boot" is on by default (I turn it

It is really annoying to get to a custom site and find the
only thing that I have to do is reboot the turkey.  And I
can't charge for 5 minutes work and I don't have a
minimum charge.  And, yes, I ask them if they rebooted
before I get there, but what they tell me and what I find
are usually not the same thing.

Your OSX users likely just ignore freezes and hangs. I find they never say a word until you're sitting with them and something happens, and FINALLY they admit it's been occurring for some time. But Mac users rarely t-shoot anything. They just act like everything is fine...

Stating that Windows needs rebooting nightly is plain false. Although I recommend shutting down if a computer isn't used for 3 or more hours, almost all users leave their computers on all the time, and they're only rebooted when Windows updates, which is once a month. And the Windows servers run all month without rebooting, contrary to your claims.

And yes, if there's an anomaly, usually rebooting is the obvious step. A user today had an issue when they clicked on an external drive, all folders above it would be selected, so pressing Enter caused all the selected folders to open at once. This person shuts their laptop down each evening, but I rebooted and the issue was gone.

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