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Re: Best HTML/CSS editor ever

On 09/19/2017 05:46 PM, Terry wrote:
I admin a lot of Mac users also, and OSX is no more "stable" than Windows.

In my "mixed" environments, I find windows workstations need about five
times the attention as OSX.  I kind of depends on what they are doing.

And, indeed, OSX has only a fraction of Windows business
apps available to it, so on is obviously getting more work
that the other.

The main difference I notice working with Linux, OSX and Windows
it that on Linux and OSX, I am working on the apps and training.
With Windows, I primarily work on system issues.  And Linux
and OSX do not require a nightly reboot to keep them stable.
I find more memory leaks in OSX apps than I do Linux, but no
where near the issues I see with Windows.

When I approach a messed up Windows workstation, on of
the first question I ask the users is "When was the last
time you rebooted?"  This is a real issue with Windows
Nein (10), as "Fast Boot" is on by default (I turn it

It is really annoying to get to a custom site and find the
only thing that I have to do is reboot the turkey.  And I
can't charge for 5 minutes work and I don't have a
minimum charge.  And, yes, I ask them if they rebooted
before I get there, but what they tell me and what I find
are usually not the same thing.
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