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Re: OT: CCleaner

On 09/19/2017 01:10 PM, Ray_Net wrote:
WaltS48 wrote on 19-09-17 21:42:
On 9/19/17 3:33 PM, Ray_Net wrote:
Poutnik wrote on 19-09-17 20:58:
Dne 19/09/2017 v 17:03 Ray_Net napsal(a):

That's exactly my case - I never know which file can be removed -
CCLEANER is a shit ! And and it's not my fault !
People prefer calling the product shit,
instead of calling their knowledge this way...

I am happy to know that you know ALL files on your pc.
You are a brillant person.

If I don't KNOW that it's trash I don't throw it away. Slightly different, and I've made mistakes, but not many since I'm so brilliant :-)

Isn't that a prerequisite for running an application?

The user reviews all menu items, context menu items and options before
running it.

Yes, and read the manual completely and knows it completely.

Or at least skim it.  Most people don't even do that.

Cheers, Bev
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