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Re: OT: CCleaner

WaltS48 wrote on 19-09-17 21:42:
On 9/19/17 3:33 PM, Ray_Net wrote:
Poutnik wrote on 19-09-17 20:58:
Dne 19/09/2017 v 17:03 Ray_Net napsal(a):

That's exactly my case - I never know which file can be removed -
CCLEANER is a shit ! And and it's not my fault !
People prefer calling the product shit,
instead of calling their knowledge this way...

I am happy to know that you know ALL files on your pc.
You are a brillant person.

Isn't that a prerequisite for running an application?

The user reviews all menu items, context menu items and options before running it.

Yes, and read the manual completely and knows it completely.
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