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Re: OT: CCleaner

Luis wrote on 19-09-17 14:39:
Poutnik wrote:
Dne 19/09/2017 v 08:08 Ray_Net napsal(a):
Poutnik wrote on 19-09-17 06:37:
Dne 19/09/2017 v 00:28 Ray_Net napsal(a):
Poutnik wrote on 18-09-17 23:01:
Dne 18/09/2017 v 22:46 Ray_Net napsal(a):

The first and only time when I runned ccleaner ... ended with 4
not working anymore ...
and Windows had also problems that I was not able to correct.
As I have run CC many times during multiple years,
I guess the fault is somewhere else.

No, because ccleaner removed important files ....
No, you did. You also did not review properly
what it is going to remove.

How can I know in advance if ONE of the huge list of files is important ?

You could know in advance
it is not safe to remove files
if you are not sure if they are important or not.

Said by other words, one should remove only those files
one does know it is safe to remove.

You have the final responsibility and you have failed.

It is like picking mushrooms.
One should pick only those one knows well.
If one gets poisoned, it is not right
to blame people advising him to pick mushrooms.

I like this. In short, rookies can't go to pick mushrooms unless they are supervised by one who knows which mushrooms are safe to eat.
That's exactly my case - I never know which file can be removed - CCLEANER is a shit ! And and it's not my fault !
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