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Re: OT: CCleaner

Poutnik wrote on 19-09-17 06:37:
Dne 19/09/2017 v 00:28 Ray_Net napsal(a):
Poutnik wrote on 18-09-17 23:01:
Dne 18/09/2017 v 22:46 Ray_Net napsal(a):

The first and only time when I runned ccleaner ... ended with 4 programs
not working anymore ...
and Windows had also problems that I was not able to correct.
As I have run CC many times during multiple years,
I guess the fault is somewhere else.

No, because ccleaner removed important files ....
No, you did. You also did not review properly
what it is going to remove.

How can I know in advance if ONE of the huge list of files is important ?
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