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Re: Best HTML/CSS editor ever

On 09/18/2017 01:31 AM, Ray_Net wrote:
You are excessive especially in your adjectives Your attitude vis a vis Microsoft is an unjustified hatred.

How about you put your self in the place of those
businesses that lost their business to the convicted
criminals business practices?

And while yo are at it, put yourself in those business that
have to pay monopoly prices for business apps they are forced
to buy because no one will compete with the criminals?

Don't like the word "criminal"?  Well, now, if you are
convicted in a court of law or you please out, you are
a criminal.  I am not name calling.

Oh, hear of anyone who bought a computer with a Sherman
Anti Trust Act "bundled" copy of Windows installed
and said "no" to the M$ license agreement get their money
back?  Hmmmm.  Bet that one is illegal too.

I had Windows Servers which never encountered a crash.

You live a sheltered life.  There are guys around here
that will put a Windows server into your bathtub if
you are not careful.  There is virtually never a good
reason for a small business to use a Windows server.

Lately, I have removed a few and just did file sharing
from Windows 7.  It helps that I know the registry switch
to make W7 share files like a server.

And, you are correct, Windows servers never really out and
out crash (BSOD, etc.).  They just slowly go to hell on
the installment program.  My favorite trouble call was
it printing four inch letter across sales invoices.
(I don't think the customer appreciated me laughing when
she showed it to me.)  I have to fix file sharing
ALL-THE-TIME.  If you don't reboot them once a day, they
get weirder and weirder and weirder.  Windows server are
just not stable.

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