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Re: Firefox Multi-Account Containers

On 9/17/17 6:51 AM, The Real Bev wrote:
> On 09/16/2017 01:47 AM, Christian Riechers wrote:
>> On 9/16/17 12:10 AM, The Real Bev wrote:
>>> On 09/15/2017 02:06 PM, Christian Riechers wrote:
>>>> On 9/15/17 9:51 PM, The Real Bev wrote:
>>>>> https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/multi-account-containers/?utm_source=blog.mozilla.org&utm_campaign=firefox_frontier&utm_medium=referral
>>>>> This sounds really desirable for staying logged in to several
>>>>> different
>>>>> gmail accounts at the same time.  Doesn't seem to work, though.
>>>>> Clicking (or long-clicking) the icon does nothing except throw up a
>>>>> triangle, a line and a generic background cursor. Long-clicking 'new
>>>>> tab' from the File menu just opens a new tab. Is this one of those
>>>>> things where linux (or FF52ESR) is just different, or does it conflict
>>>>> with other extensions? What am I missing?
>>>> See the 'Requirements' section.
>>>> https://github.com/mozilla/testpilot-containers#readme
>>> You'd think this would have been put on the mozilla/addons page,
>>> wouldn't you?
>> Google is your friend.
> Indeed, but if you're going to download a Mozilla extension for a
> Mozilla product, you would THINK that essential information would be
> available in the download area.  Github is for geeks, of which I am,
> unfortunately, not one.  Just more of a geek groupie.

Containers are part of the Test Pilot program, and hence experimental
technology, not a mainstream feature (yet).

So I guess for people to try these some efforts are expected. I'd agree
though that a FF version requirement could be mentioned at a more
prominent place.
You can give feedback on the Test Pilot site.

>>> Shit.  NOT planning on updating.
>> I don't follow your logic.
> Each time I've updated FF or TB I've lost something that was valuable to
> me.  If I'm going to lose ALL my extensions whose authors are
> unable/unwilling to jump through the web-extension hoops, I'm sticking
> where I am.  Period.  I have yet to see a balancing gain in FF 57.
>> In any case, you do know that you can run multiple instances of Firefox
>> with different profiles, don't you?
> Of course.  But if you're careless sometimes the new profile will write
> over your carefully-crafted old profile, requiring you to copy from your
> most recent backup. 

I do agree with that. However, then you'll be stuck with your current
ESR version forever. I doubt that will benefit you in the long term.
And you exclude yourself from new and useful features.

Reviewing the list of installed add-ons and looking for alternatives is
a hassle, but I guess it's your best bet to deal with web extensions.

> Since I've saved all my non-trash email since 1994
> in my TB profile, and I can't guarantee that I won't have received
> anything important since my last backup, this is a potential disaster.

It would certainly be easier to restore a Firefox profile, than a
Thunderbird profile with a huge email archive.
And Thunderbird will not go the web extensions route at this time.
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