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Re: How does Apache know what to run?

On 9/16/17 6:01 PM, T wrote:
On 09/16/2017 02:13 PM, Richard Alan wrote:
T wrote:

I am asking this here because I know you guys know the answer.

This is a question for an Apache newsgroup, not a Mozilla products group.

How does an Apache server know when it see someone logging in to one of
its wwww.xxxx.com/home pages that it needs to run a php server?

Most commonly, the file requested will have an extension of .php

How does it know which one to look for?

The HTML tells it which PHP file to look for. I think.


It's been awhile since I had Apache, PHP and MySQL installed and played with it.

DuckDuckGo or a search engine is your friend. Search tip, look for PHP and Apache documentation.

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