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Re: Best HTML/CSS editor ever

On 09/16/2017 10:20 AM, Good Guy wrote:
On 16/09/2017 07:22, T wrote:
What would the second best one be that is not owned
by the Evil Empire?

Microsoft does make products for Linux and it is generally accepted that Microsoft is contributing more to the open Source community than anybody else!! Look at the top quality software released by Microsoft including the full source code so that Linux users can learn something from them.

"VS Code" is available for the Linux platform so go and try it. You can host your Linux projects on Microsoft Azure cloud and run Ubuntu on Azure. Microsoft might even release its own Linux called "Microsoft Linux". They need to agree the licensing terms with the Open Source Community organizers including Linus Torvalds who owns the patent of Linux kernel.

Actually The Evil Empire (M$) is not even on the radar when it comes to
contributing to Linux:

Reference for the following chart:

I am personally and professionally offended by M$'s criminality
in their business practices and will not purchase or recommend
ANY of their products unless I am absolutely forced to.

Anyway, you clearly do not share the same opinion as me.

You missed the point of my question.  I wanted to know what
you thought was the next best non-m$ solution.

Sorry for the misunderstanding.



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