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Re: Replacement for Google Search

On 09/15/2017 05:22 PM, B00ze wrote:
-am- hoping Bing can search TechNet correctly lol.

Tech Net was the worst.  I have to use Google to
find anything.

And, yes, I agree. M$'s is not a good source of info.

Chuckle: I found a term their marketing censors don't check
for: obnoxious.  It get to call whatever I want obnoxious
and get away with it!

How does it install itself all over your machine?

I was referring to Windows Machines.  Somehow,
Bing gets into programs and feature.  And it takes FOREVER
to uninstall.  It is everywhere.

Bing's search itself is just a web page like Google.

The only search engine that pisses me off more (an understatement)
is the s*** from "Ask".  I have even seen it on Safari
on a Mac under some guise as a weather plugin.  I *** LOVE ***
removing Ask.

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