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Re: Replacement for Google Search

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Good day.

I tried this on Facebook but no one replied, what with the Facebook
algorithms probably no one saw it.

In light of multiple recent reports about Google regarding search
results rankings and YouTube funding, I am looking for an alternative
search engine. I have been test-driving Duck Duck Go for 2 weeks now
and I find it is pretty weak - it returned 3 relevant results when I
was looking for the Better Privacy AddOn earlier this week whereas
Google returned a dozen (at least.) Also, and please correct me if I
am wrong, but I think what Duck Duck Go and IxQuick do is to get
their search results from Google and show them in a different order -
I'm not exactly Google-Free if that is what they do.

So which search engine do you guys use? Everyone's on Google?

Thank you much.
Best Regards,

Google is still the king but you can try Bing.  It is from Microsoft
but some people hate everything Microsoft while I hate anything that
doesn't work 100% when I want it.  Microsoft hasn't let me down yet
but for search engines Google is still my favourite.

They say you can have any search engine you want as long as it is Google.

I have tried Bing and found it could not find the nose on the
front of its face, especially when searching Microsoft's own
site for technical articles.  And it installs itself all over
your machine.  I consider it junkware/spyware and remove it.

Typically, I use Duck Duck Go.  If I can't find what I want,
then I go to the dark side, give up, and use Google.
It doesn't happen very often.

Man Bing really stinks.  We must search for dramatically
different things.  This must be one of those "Your Mileage
May Vary" things.

Yeah my sample was small, lol, a SINGLE search. That's because I was pretty satisfied with Duck Duck Go until I went looking for a specific version of the Better Privacy addOn. And for that one search, Bing does good, with little help from me writing a good and specific query, whereas DDG does pretty poorly. I need to try Bing for some weeks to see how it does - for instance, I tend to like seeing Stack Overflow early in my results, and not seeing any trace of Experts Exchange; will Bing deliver? I find that Microsoft forums are a so so source of information, but I -am- hoping Bing can search TechNet correctly lol.

How does it install itself all over your machine?

Best Regards,

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