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Re: Replacement for Google Search

B00ze wrote:
> Both DDG and IxQuick fail the "Better Privacy 1.77" test.
> They give like 5 relevant results before they start showing
> things like "blah blah bought by Russian billionaire for
> £1.77" which is totally irrelevant to my search...

Haven't seen any of that with Ixquick. Might be because Russian
billionaires don't speak Dutch. :-) From a digital point of view
though the "versatile stain remover" from WalMart was kinda cute.
But with 5 relevant results, what more do you want?

>> Did you try Bing ? But then you would not be MS free.
>> Non Windows machines may explode during Bing search. (joking)
> Yup, as Good Guy suggested, I think Bing is my new search for a
> few weeks. It returned good results on my single test.

On your "Better Privacy 1.77" test Bing gave 3 "relevant" results:
in German, Vietnamese and Chinese. Very helpful indeed... The only
positive thing is that my machine did survive the test.


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