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Re: FF 52ESR

On 2017-09-13 05:38, PietB <www.godfatherof.nl/@opt-in.invalid> wrote:

B00ze wrote:
WaltS48 wrote:
Have you looked at Privacy Badger? Works with 57.0.

Well, Better Privacy deals with one specific tracker, Flash Cookies,
which are probably not used much anymore.

Flash is still around pretty much, and so are "Flash cookies".

Oh they are? I've never bothered much with them since Better Privacy deletes them. I just whitelist those cookies that I need and let it do its thing with the rest. But flash should be click-to-run by default on most browsers by now, no? So the chances that it will run (in an Ad for instance) are limited...

Privacy Badger deals with trackers on webpages,
but I have uBlock for that.

According to the description Privacy Badger also deals with
canvas fingerprinting, and as far as I can tell uBlock doesn't.
But what is an add-on worth when negative reviews are deleted?

Privacy Badger works by tracking 3rd party requests that appear on multiple sites; it doesn't use block-lists. IE used to do that too btw. It could be a nice addition to my arsenal, but then it would be one more place I'd have to tinker with when a site doesn't work correctly. When it first came out, information about it was pretty scarce (still is), so I skipped it. Used Ghostery for a while then switched to uBO (I also use NoScript, CanvasBlocker, RefControl, Modify Response Headers, Self Destructing Cookies, No URI Leak, DecentralEyes) - All for nothing really, I'm probably the only one with a window-size of 1234x987 (for example) who also has the Google Font installed and has 53 extensions running (for example): all bits of information identifying me. It's a loosing battle...

I checked Privacy Badger's AMO listing again, no mention of Canvas. The release history also shows that EFF spends an inordinate amount of efforts perfecting DNT checking/validating/etc in the addOn, which is pretty useless (I really don't care to know if DNT is respected or not).

I'll give it a try but I have no idea if I'll keep it.

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