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Re: Firefox, relic without a future

On 2017-09-10 1:28 PM, PietB wrote:
HoneyBun wrote:
I had to quit Firefox 50 sooner than expected with W8.1. Constant flash
errors on Facebook and elsewhere. Videos won't play reliably. Banks and
credit cards warn about it being outdated.

Running FF 52.3.0esr on W7 and W8.1. None of the mentioned problems
(don't use the disaster called Facebook though). Promlems only with
one bank, but that's due to a bug in Ghostery.



Basic rule: If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

OTOH, based on the (rather sparse) data on the problem systems, I infer that most of them suffer from one or more of:
- FF add-ons that have been superseded by added FF functionality;
- FF add-ons that haven't been updated;
- OS not up-to-date;
- obsolescing (or obsolescent) hardware;
- old software that's no longer playing nice with newer systems;
- system has too much left-over detritus from miscellaneous sources;

I also note that Windows seems more prone to developing these faults than OS-X or Linux.

Have a good day,

Wolf K.
It's called "opinion" because it's not knowledge.
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