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Re: Firefox, relic without a future

On 9/10/17 5:55 AM, HoneyBun wrote:
[posted at firefox ng but didn't work]

I don't see a support question in the body of the message.

I had to quit Firefox 50 sooner than expected with W8.1. Constant flash
errors on Facebook and elsewhere. Videos won't play reliably. Banks and
credit cards warn about it being outdated. No such problems with IE11,
probably my new default browser on W8.1.

No major problems on XP with Firefox 48, although I use it sparingly.

I DO(!) need some of the old add-ons, and certain important sites which I
visit regularly DO(!) require java. I must go to a bit of trouble to
manually download and update some of those things, but it's worth it.

Firefox versions after 48-50 offer nothing to me.

Except the new Tor browser based on Firefox 52 seems to work OK for it's
limited purpose, although I seldom need a proxy.

If you need Java, the website administrators haven't a clue and should be informed that the Java plugin is dead and they need to do some website redesign.

You didn't state which of the old extensions you DO (❗) need, or indicate that you couldn't find a web extension replacement.

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