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Re: A cool creation that I would like to share.

On 9/7/17 10:57 AM, silverwing071@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
Behind the imgur link below is a Minecraft skin I created based on the "MARK 57" mascot for Firefox 57.


I personally think the MARK 57 character is awesome, and think this might be a really good idea to spread the awesomeness in one of the largest and most rapidly growing communities in the digital world. Please use this skin when playing Minecraft multiplayer on line to show your support for Firefox and MARK 57! (BTW, I checked with the Mozilla team and they are totally OK with this. :D)

Kind thanks in advance to anyone and everyone who takes part in this!

Disclaimer: Please note that this skin is an unofficial fan creation and was not designed or created by Mozilla.

Host it on AMO and I might take a look at it.


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