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Re: Postbox Test

On 29/08/2017 5:28 AM, Good Guy wrote:
On 28/08/2017 03:52, Good Guy wrote:
Testing Postbox and the send button doesn't work.

I know there is a support forum for postbox where our Chris Ilias is
participating but I thought I should also let you know about this.
the button is disabled.  See this picture:


The version of postbox is new - released on 25th August, 2017.

HTML formatting will come when I have worked out how this product works.

Setting up newsgroup was tricky - especially how to subscribe various
newsgroups.   But managed it anyway.

The first couple of messages disappeared in the cloud.  Don't know why?

One thing I found that Postbox isn't "Linking" to images!!  When you try
it, the only thing that happens is "Attachment" no matter what you
choose - Link or attach.  this is not a good thing as I like to link NOT
attach to please people like Daniel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! who hates all
images in the posts because of his narrow bandwidth.

See I am very considerate of users of these newsgroups.

Golly, golly, gosh!! Good Guy can actually be considerate!!

Who would have thought!!

*And you've stopped posting in HTML, as well* ... so your sig file, naturally, gets cut!! Will wonder never cease??


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