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Re: Moderation

On 08/27/2017 09:45 AM, Mike Easter wrote:
The Real Bev wrote:
He lets a number of clearly off-topic and/or abusive posts go through.
Sometimes 'moderation' is really just a snit.

My theory is:

   - somebody upstairs wants moderation
   - it is a terrible job, but 'somebody has to do it'
   - I would bet that CI would rather not be doing it at all

In one sense, IMO the underlying basic problem is that nntp is not
webforum and the same kind of upstairs people who would wish for the
'quality' of webforum moderation for nntp, or better yet, no such thing
as nntp support, are the cause for the upstairs 'need' for nntp moderation.

Such upstairs people do not care if the nntp moderation is both tedious
and unfair and suboptimal because they believe that the fundamental
problem is the lack of ability to work nntp like web.

Such upstairs people do not see nntp with or without moderation the same
as those who view nntp moderated or unmoderated differently.  Those
upstairs people are not nntp people.  They might be mailing list people.

I think the bottom line is that they just don't care. We're not the target audience. What else does Chris do?


Hubby wanted me to go to Ulta across the street and check it out as a business in terms of buying stock in the company -- are there a lot of customers, what are they buying etc.? I hated being there. It was alien territory. Women willing to spend $50 ($27 on sale) for a lipstick are not my species. I just have no way of evaluating a place like that. How long can a business survive by catering to stupid people who spend ridiculous amounts of money on stuff when equivalent stuff is available elsewhere for 10% of the price? Well, probably a long time...

When I was riding on the metro a couple of weeks ago I watched a young woman apply mascara for the entire 15-minute trip. I didn't understand that either.

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