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Re: OT: Telemetry Data Collection

My bloviated meandering follows what WaltS48 graced us with on 8/26/2017 6:11 AM:
On 8/26/17 12:44 AM, Sailfish wrote:

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Most controversial is the idea that the data collection let Mozilla compile a browser-side “top 100” of sites users visit. As developer David Teller explains, there is a “considerable bias” between users who okay telemetry collection and those who don't, which makes it hard for developers to optimise the browser for “websites that matter to our users”.
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The above stated reason is a bit dubious as the need to change it to opt-out. Perhaps what it *will do* is give Mozilla a "top 100" of sites that its users visit which seems a lot more ominous.

I have been following the thread on m.governance.

As I've come to expect, your response with references to more in-depth discussion on a particular topic provides much more illumination on it so, thanks.

I've read comments through to below-the-fold and, almost universally, they have been steadfastly against the idea and some have indicated that implementing this would be in violation of EU policies (although, considering that Chrome apparently already does this, this seem less likely), see

Another thing is nagging me about this is the timing. Specifically, most users who use Fx do so for the implied anonymity of it. Most of these users are probably, as I am, just anal about not providing information to others who have no need to know and so are generally harmless.

However, I suspect that many use it for either illegal ventures or, more troubling, political ventures be it the vile alt-right white supremacists or the contemptuous alt-left antifa anarchists. Does Mozilla really want to open the door for the community to become worried that Mozilla is collecting this data specifically because they know that their browser site use data will give "whomever" a more detailed look at people's browsing habits?

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