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OT: Telemetry Data Collection

My bloviated meandering follows what WaltS48 graced us with on 8/23/2017 4:47 PM:
On 8/23/17 7:03 PM, Wolf K wrote:

Question: How many users activate the telemetry for gathering usage statistics?
Answer: Damn few.

You have stats to back up that claim?

REF: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/08/24/mozilla_considers_move_to_opt_out_telemetry_for_firefox/

[excerpt quote=\"
Mozilla may require users to opt-out of sending telemetry from its Firefox browser because */so few/* have opted in that it's hard for developers to get a good sample of what causes problems.
\" /]


[excerpt quote=\"
Most controversial is the idea that the data collection let Mozilla compile a browser-side “top 100” of sites users visit. As developer David Teller explains, there is a “considerable bias” between users who okay telemetry collection and those who don't, which makes it hard for developers to optimise the browser for “websites that matter to our users”.
\" /]
The above stated reason is a bit dubious as the need to change it to opt-out. Perhaps what it *will do* is give Mozilla a "top 100" of sites that its users visit which seems a lot more ominous.

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