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I'm an add-on dev but my Mozilla account no longer seems to exist


I'm looking to be put in contact with somebody from (or on behalf of) Mozilla who can help me resolve the following problem.

I'm the author of the (now very old add-on) "Open link in..." [https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/open-link-in/] and I would like to log in to manage this add-on. I haven't logged in for years.

I know, with absolute certainty, which e-mail address I used for my old login on dev.mozilla.org is, and indeed yesterday I received an automated e-mail to that address from Mozilla Add-ons informing me that somebody had left a review of my add-on.

However, upon clicking the "Reply to this review" link in that e-mail, I get taken to https://accounts.firefox.com . I can't log in with what I think is my password, and when I try to reset my password and enter my e-mail address, I get told "Unknown account. Sign up".

It seems that somehow my account has been deleted, perhaps because old dev.mozilla.org accounts were not copied over to the "new" accounts.firefox.com; and yet my add-on (and associated e-mail address) is still alive. I can't see any information anywhere on the Mozilla website about who I might be able to contact to get this problem resolved. (Perhaps it's a case of simply signing up to accounts.firefox.com with that e-mail address, and it'll be automatically associated to my add-on. But I'd rather not take risk that blindly until the idea has been confirmed by somebody.)

Anton Prowse
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