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Re: Mozilla approves a Tab Hiding API

On Friday, August 4, 2017 at 1:48:01 PM UTC-5, Mark12547 wrote:
> rphunter@xxxxxxxxxxx says...
> > When the extensions are gone, so am I.
> There are likely to be more WebExtensions extensions available when 57 
> goes on the Release Channel; right now it is still a bit premature.
> Also, some Chrome extension authors may decide to port some of their 
> extensions to Firefox ...
> More WebExtensions APIs will also be added later once 57 is out the door 
> so some extensions may become available at a later date.
> And, planned for about two weeks before Firefox 57 is placed on the 
> Release Channel, AMO (addons.mozilla.org, where we go to search ...

None of which will do a damn thing to fix the fact that WebExtensions is by design crippled. OverbiteFF, the one extension that keeps me on Firefox, is *impossible* to do as a WebExtension. I mean heck, even the name "WebExtension" basically says why it's not doable.
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